Beginner Umpires Workshop

  Netball SA’s is excited to inform you we are running a Beginner Umpires Workshop that is being held on Sunday 26 August 2018 from 9:00am to 12:00pm at Priceline Stadium.   The workshop is a starting point for anyone who is interested in becoming a Netball Umpire. Please Note: there is no age restriction.…



Billie-Jaye Brougham; Elysha Willis & Rachael Mitchell (PL Co-Captains); Jo Charles & Georgia Huppatz (PLR Co-Captain)

All grades and teams are now well on their way into the current Winter18 season with some teams having successful wins. Re-grading for all grades has now finished and all teams and divisions have been set for the remainder of the season.
At this time, remember why netball has been your chosen sport. As BJ reflects upon her netball career, she shares:
“Behind all the hours of practice, and all the coaches who pushed you, there is a little girl who shot the ball, fell in love with the game and never looked back… play for her”.
Successes are not only measured by the wins. To be successful remember the best team isn’t the team with the best players, but the team that plays best together. The skills developed and friendships made is what unites you together.
Our leadership squad has been formed to support and guide not only our league but all members of Newton Jaguars; you would have seen many of them out at trainings and on game days.
Our leadership team model gives voice to the playing group. Whilst it doesn’t take away the role of the coaches in setting the direction of the team, it provides a sounding board and peer to peer ways of dealing with issues as they arise. Leadership in clubs is too big for one person and leadership teams maximise the positive traits of each member.
They are chosen to lead by example. Georgia in particular embraces the visions, values and standards of our Club and has grown as an individual by encouraging her squad team mates, and our club as a whole, to do the same.
Keep up the good work and interaction with everyone and we will see you all at the Buddy Clinic on 3rd July 2018. Further details will be announced soon through your coaches.